Crystal Starter Kit

Talia Michaels

Posted on June 01 2018

Crystal Starter Kit

Once we buy one we want more. Our "getting started guide" will help you begin your crystal journey learning the basics. Read our blog to get going today.




Researching crystals can consume a lot of time as there are hundreds of different types of crystals with wonderful and unique healing properties. Today we will take you through each crystal and their purposes which are very well known and common in todays society.


Is one of the most well known crystals all over the world with its beautiful deep purple features, powerful healing and protection properties. Amethyst is a great crystal to use on your third eye chakra as it helps release blockages and bring more balance to that chakra. The colour of this chakra is purple which is the same as Amethyst. Your third eye known as 'pineal gland' and can get blocked very easily, using an Amethyst crystal on this chakra will reveal your hidden talents and blockages.

Known as the 'master healer' Clear Quartz is an extremely strong crystal for healing purposes, it releases, relieves, absorbs and brings healing to the blockages through the body. The Clear Quartz is connected to the crown chakra which is at the top of the chakra system.


Sodalite is a great crystal for the throat chakra as it carrys a deep blue colour  which helps unblock the throat chakra and any health issues that may revolve around the throat area such as thyroid, communication problems and fear.


Green Aventurine

This crystal works for the heart chakra, it is a crystal that works extremely well with love, creativity and emotions from the heart. Green Aventurine has many uplifting benefits such as calming, meditation enhancing, art work and much more. 


Is the joy, happiness and wealth stone. A lot of people know Citrine for their abundance properties. But it is also used for our solar plexus chakra. This chakra carries our intuition and carries who we are. This crystal helps with confidence, self esteem and personal development. Use this crystal to unblock this chakra.


The sacral chakra is the same colour as the carnelian stone. Carnelian is a very powerful crystal as it refers to the stomach area where all emotions are stored, stomach issues and stress. The Carnelian stone will help unblock this chakra as its healing benefits help with these particular situations. 


The root chakra is one of our most important chakras as this is what keeps us grounded, balanced and centred. Hematite is an extremely powerful it dates back to the Ancient Greeks where they used this crystal for strength, grounding and protection during there war era.

Rose Quartz

Is another crystal which is very well known. It is known for its love, healing, relationships and fertility benefits. Rose quartz is a great crystal to heal your heart chakra and help you with self healing, self love and personal development. Rose Quartz is often used to bring more love and happiness in the home by simply placing a piece around your home.

Black Tourmaline

Is an extremely well known crystal for its major benefits. Having a small piece of tourmaline with you can help with protection, psychic attacks, helps meditation and keeping your feet on the ground. Grounding in todays society is extremely important with the 2018 spiritual awakening and feeling other peoples energies. It is also excellent for healing your physical, mental and spiritual body. 


These are the 9 crystals we have introduced you to for your starter kit. These are excellent crystals to get you started on your journey the most important part of knowing crystals is why you feel attracted to them and what their healing properties are. You can explore our website with many different crystals with their full description of healing benefits. Our chakra system and crystals are very important as crystal healing is a big process to a happier and healthier life. In our next blog we will be discussing our chakra systems, where they are, what they are and many more frequently asked questions.


You can place your crystals wherever you feel they need to be. You can carry them with you in your pocket, bag and even put them under your pillow. You may feel you want to carry a pouch with a whole range of your crystals for many different benefits. There is no right or wrong when placing your crystals, your intuition is key at this point.

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