Heart Chakra

Talia Michaels

Posted on August 05 2019

Heart Chakra


What is the Heart Chakra?

The 4th chakra of the main chakra system is the heart chakra, which can been green or pink. It is also known as Anahata. it is situated around the centre of the chest, this chakra is the centre of compassion, unconditional love and represents the mind, body and soul. 

Crystals for the Heart Chakra

Jade, Rose Quartz, Aventurine and Emerald. 

Frequency for the Heart Chakra

Each chakra will vibrate to different frequencies, The Heart Chakra vibrates at 528hz and Note F Sharp. You can Chant with the heart chakra by making the sound "Yam".

Overactive or Under-active Chakra Symptoms

Having too little or too much energy flow through these chakras can cause them to become unbalanced. The heart chakra is our most vulnerable place, when you are hurt you build a wall around it, when your heart flows fully and freely you radiate love and light around you and your whole being is full.

The heart chakra is all about love, freedom and happiness, when it is balanced we have a sense of spiritual connection, in touch with feelings, open to change and new ideas, healthy empathy, has ability to give and receive. 

When our chakra becomes unbalanced we build fears upon ourself and others, not processed grief or guilt, needs reassurance, terrified of rejection, jealousy, envious, regret, afraid of letting go, being free, getting hurt or abandonment. 

When the heart chakras is over stimulated we may take on other peoples problems and emotions a little too much, you may come across quiet aggressive, demanding, critical or martyr attitude.

The best way to keep the heart chakra balanced and centred is to be more compassionate, nurturing, unconditional love between all beings.

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