Sirius Stargate 7th - 12th August Opening of the Lionsgate (8th August)

Talia Michaels

Posted on July 09 2019

Sirius Stargate 7th - 12th August Opening of the Lionsgate (8th August)

Sirius is a blue star that is twenty times brighter than the Sun. Sirius is a powerful portal for new energies pouring into our Universe. The heliacal rising of Sirius takes place on July 26th. It is concurrent with the annual opening of the Sirius Stargate known as the Lion’s gate, this is called the Lion’s Gate because the Sun moves into Leo at this time at this time it is great for our sun to be re-boosted and charged with powerful energy from the Sirius star.

The constellation of the Lion, guards the entrance to the Sirius Stargate. The energy of the Lion’s Stargate continues through until August 12th. The potent energies of change are most potent at this time particularly on the 8th of the 8th month.

The Sirius Star Vortex has now been opened (7:7), filling our body and souls with pure Light. 

Light that will change, grow, transmute and transform us. Through it flowed the Light and Love that can allow you to transcend what has been and to create what will be. It is allowing the new age to birth and to bring enlightenment to the entire earth plane. It is also said to be pouring us with high frequencies and awakening light codes. The Sirius Star will be sending down downloads of ancient knowledge and wisdom to earth. The start of this Lions-gate will be all about self healing, allow pain and past trauma to be released between 8th-9th of July.

On July 26th, The galactic new year, we will be taken through another energy vortex. This will bring spiritual cleansing, renewal and awaken our souls. It will help to clear past karma.


August (8:8) is when the Lions-gate opens, this happens every year on this date. (a portal from the spiritual realm). When this alignment happens, there is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

It is a great time for change such as relationships, career changes, life purpose, health, home, travel, soul work, letting go of material things. Be open with your angels and guides, they want us to trust that they are making positive changes to our lives.

Light codes of ascension, mastery and evolution from Sirius pour towards Earth as well, aligning yet another level of activation and opportunity for progression on the ascension path.

Here is a list of what we may experience (symptoms) during this period:


  • ​a sense that things are shifting or that change is around the corner
  • a feeling of great uncertainty, vulnerability and self doubt
  • internal anguish & self power battles, the challenge of cultivating & managing inner strength, control & power
  • anxiety, fear, paranoia, judgements & projecting onto others (reactive behaviour)
  • restlessness, disrupted sleep, sleepless nights, insomnia, tiredness
  • highly active, vivid dreams
  • astral projection, inter-dimensional awareness & hopping
  • strange experiences, spirit, paranormal or ET activity or sightings
  • lower energy, old wounds & emotions coming up to the surface
  • feeling of total desperation & overwhelm, difficulty coping
  • questioning your purpose, role in life, people around you and how you spend your time
  • wanting to find more meaning & purpose
  • amplified feelings of separation & aloneness, being left out, rejected
  • self forgiveness & amplified inner child issues & healing
  • negativity & lack mentality
  • unexplained unwellness
  • powerful activations, or ups and downs - you might feel like it's a bit of a rollercoaster ride (and if so you might find you are seeing numbers like 55/555)
  • psychic awareness, messages & information downloads
  • ​clearing, transmutation & transformation

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