Sacral Chakra

Talia Michaels

Posted on July 22 2019

Sacral Chakra

What is The Sacral Chakra?
The 2nd Chakra is the Sacral, which is also known as Svadisthana, situated around the female reproductive system (uterus) this symbolises the womb and femininity. It symbolises how a person relates to others and how you may have been influenced by family through emotions to be expressive or repressed as a child. Our sacral chakra is the centre of our instincts (gut feeling). The 2nd chakra is also the sexual centre for women, this is where the women's reproductive system can be found.


Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Carnelian, Coral, Orange Calcite

Frequency for the Sacral Chakra

Each chakra will vibrate to different frequencies, The Root Chakra vibrates at 540hz and Note D. You can Chant with the root chakra by making the sound "vam".

Overactive or Under-active Chakra Symptoms

Having too little or too much energy flow through these chakras can cause them to become unbalanced. The sacral chakra works as Yin Yang, being Yin and the Root chakra being Yang, we discover the sacral chakra to represent movement and change. The sacral chakra is the element of water and works with the moon. which is now the fluid for the earth element of the root chakra. Our sacral chakra influences our desires, emotions, reproduction/sexuality. Our consciousness thrives on change, so our desires and emotions that get suppressed can cause the blockages through this chakra. 

Our root chakra has taught us about consciousness, now we expend this through our sacral chakra by being aware of ourselves and also others, the ability to sense other peoples emotions. (clairsentience/empathy).

Having a balanced sacral chakra will allow you to be creative, sociable intuitive friendly and being able to express our feelings and emotions.

However, if our sacral chakra is carrying too much energy we may come across to be aggressive, manipulative, very ambitious, egocentric, power seeking, obsessed with sex and over eager in relationships. 

If our chakra is under-active we may experience feelings of shy, timidness, hiding our emotions, fearful, anxious, very sensitive and a lower sex drive.

The best way to balance your sacral chakra is to express your emotions and perform affirmations for this chakra.

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