Talia Michaels

Posted on June 17 2019


The Strawberry moon of June 2019 is a very exciting energy shift as it has been happening over the last three days in sagittarius, however tonight we may get the chance to see this gorgeous full moon with tones of pink and reds. This full moon is extremely high vibrational, the perfect night to cleanse and charge your crystals. Sagittarius is known for the love of adventure, allow opportunities to come forward over the next few weeks, feel a more positive mindset and a fresh perspective coming your way. 

It is a perfect time to cut the cords of those who are doing you harm and those who no longer serve you. Trust the universe to give you the strength, courage and determination. The universe will protect and support you through these huge energy shifts. 

It is the final phase of letting go and the time to invest your energy in self healing, be prepared for expansion and bigger visions. This moon is overall very positive and will be amplifying all energies of earth, it will be easier to tap into higher dimensions tonight and have an understanding of your life purpose.

Tonight is a great time to manifest and have belief in your dreams, visualise yourself living that perfect life you have desired and deserve. Keep a journal of new ideas and inspirations that come to your mind, Let go of all fears and doubts that hold you back from your dreams.

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