Talia Michaels

Posted on March 20 2019


Tonight we will be experiencing the worm moon. This is the last full moon for the month of March and winter season, which happens to fall right on the spring equinox on the last days of the Mercury retrograde. It will last from the 19th - 28th of March. But also A special vortex will be opening tonight, at its peak time will occur around 21st March, Thursday 1-2am so energies will be extremely high. Researchers are still discovering what this vortex is occurring for. 

But it is a great time to manifest and work on your desires today and tonight, make sure what you want is for yourself not anybody else as it will be a positive shift. We are also in a libra moon which is the moon for representing balance. Libra carries the scales of balance, so this will enter us into a huge energy shift and we may experience some chaotic times. It will be a wonderful shift for us at the end of it, as it is going to help us realise whether our current relationships that are good or for those that are not so great for us. 

If you are following a spiritual path you’re going to feel a significant pull to do something different on this full moon. 

Spring is the best time to cleanse your life:

  • Cleansing Your Spirit 
  • Clean out your sacred space, drawers and any clutter.
  • Cleanse through your meditation state by releasing old patterns, negativity and thoughts.

You can refer this as a "spring clean" but within yourself and who surrounds you. Keep yourself grounded and strong with techniques and crystals for this major energy shift!

Tonight is the perfect time for meditation and manifesting what you truly desire. It is the moon to start fresh and work on your new beginnings! Take a moment to think, sit down (or write) and be grateful for what you have and what you desire. You may do this through your meditation sessions or working with your crystals.

We have been doing some research on what stones would be great for tonights full moon!

One of the fieriest stones, opals are the best stones for exploring the light of full moon. It can enlighten multiple chakras at once in your body. You can use opals on March full moon by programming or meditating with it.

Opals can enlighten higher and lower chakras equally to give you balance on this full moon.


It can make you intuitive simultaneously healing your disorders and ailments in completion. When used on the full moon, it can make your mind, body and sul as snow and ripe for harvesting good luck.

The stone of moonlight and shine, moonstone harbours many mysteries. Once up a time, was used exclusively by shamans for astral travel and intensive magic. Moonstone awakens libra and cancer zodiacs, who used worm moon, full moon in march,


The stone of higher lights, Amethyst when used on the full moon can show you the hidden destiny. It will detox your body and spirit to guide your paths. When used as a talisman on this full moon for seasonal changes to spring, Amethyst energy can renew you.



A wonderful stone to keep us grounded throughout this worm moon experience, some of us struggle to settle down because of the high energies. Surround your feet chakras and root chakras with some grounding crystals. With the unknown occurrence of the vortex it may be wise to ground yourselves more than normal if you are sensitive to the moon or higher energies.

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