Welcome to The Mystic Wolf, thank you for taking the time to check out our site.
Here is a little bit of background about us. 

The Mystic Wolf was launched in early February 2018. The Mystic Wolf is owned by Chris, Andrianna & Talia. We are all extremely passionate about crystals, energy and healing. Each of us have had our spiritual calling from a young age, we have always been connected to our guides, angels and loved ones. Our aim is to spread, love, light, consciousness and healing to the world.
Our crystals are charged with Reiki Master Healing and positive prayers, all crystals are handpicked by us when we buy and intuitively picked for our customers.

The way we present our crystals is different to most, we like to show you in as much detail as possible. Most of our products are photographed individually so you can feel the energy of the item but also know what exactly you will be purchasing, we want to make your online shopping experience with us unique and allow you to feel as if you were hand picking your crystals.
Talia has been into spirituality for as long as she can remember, over the years her connection with her guides and angels have led her to find the spiritual path she is meant to be on by becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, self taught Clairvoyant and working with angels/cards and crystal healing. Talia is very passionate about her work and loves being able to use the reiki channel to help send healing, spiritual surgery and support to those in need. Talia also offers spiritual knowledge and guidance from her angels and guides
Chris has always had a strong connection with his spirituality and energy work. Chris is a Reiki Master/Teacher, spiritual coach and crystal healer. Over the years he has been working with healing which brings through his clairvoyance and clair-audio gifts. Chris has visited the earth plane many times before and his guides and angels are working with him on this journey to help bring healing to the earth, ancient knowledge and wisdom to awaken consciousness. 
From a very young age Andrianna has always had the ability to channel her spirituality through her Angels, Guides, Ancestors and Spirit Animals. She is known for her Clairvoyant, Clair-audio, Wa Na Nee Che and Angel readings as well as being our Wiccan Witch. Her healing potions and curse removals have helped several families across the world. She also offers spiritual guidance, dream interpretations and inspires to awaken spiritual abilities and knowledge within our worlds.       
The Mystic Wolf has been fast growing within their first year, not only are we an online store we are also attending large events over the UK such as Mind Body Soul, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London, Vegan Life Live (and much more to be announced). We have a regular spot in North London, where you can come and speak to us all and visit our pop up store.
Love & Light
The Mystic Wolf Team x