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About us

Welcome to The Mystic Wolf’s Website, here is a little story about our background.

The Mystic Wolf was first discovered in January 2018. where Chris & Talia have come together on this amazing spiritual journey.


It was a very late evening on the full moon where Talia & Chris was guided to their path. After many nights and days of studying, meditating, expanding their spiritual knowledge and gaining experiences that the idea was bought to them to create something, something from their hearts. Initially they started off with services providing card readings and clairvoyance, their love and passion for crystals perfectly aligned with this. 

We wanted to spread our excitement, love and passion for spirituality with others and those in need of help. This led us to weekly stalls and events around London. Within the first year of The Mystic Wolf being launched we headed to our first UK Event which was at the UK's Largest Christmas Market Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. One thing we love as a couple is talking and helping our customers no matter what spiritual situation they are facing. We met and connected to so many unique and beautiful souls. We are known to exhibit at Mind, Body & Soul and Vegan Life Live (You know where to find us). 

During this time we were honoured to complete our Level 1 and Level 2 in Reiki Healing and soon after we became Reiki Masters & Teachers. We have a clear understanding of our souls purpose, to assist the Earth by guiding, healing and raising the human consciousness. We are qualified Crystal Healers, but on the flip side we are sponges for geology. We live on the most beautiful, breath taking dimension and are blessed for this human experience.

Early 2020

This year has been a very large shift for us both & The Mystic Wolf, as we began our Journey in Shamanism. This is something we was guided towards from the beginning. The experiences we have faced from an early stage has led us to this path at the most perfect time. Many ask us about why and where our name The Mystic Wolf came about. Our Wolf is the spirit and heart of business. The Wolf is a very mystical and instinctive animal, the wolf is known to be a significant totem animal to play in shamanism. When we first connected with the spirit of our business this is how our name came to light.

We are looking forward to announcing our new services very soon and along with our upcoming YouTube channel to share, raise consciousness and connect people to their true, authentic self.

 We hope by you reading this you feel more connected to our energies and hope to see your name pop up in our community.

 With Love,
Chris & Talia xxx

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