Our Story

Our Journey began back in late 2017. Knowing that we have a mission and purpose for a spiritual path. We early knew our twin flame connection and how we split from one soul to two to learn, grow and love together. We have been on the earth and many places thousands of times. At the beginning of our Journey together, we spent half of our time in meditation, classes, travelling for crystals and understanding the diverse world of spirituality.  The Mystic Wolf was born in January 2018. The business was created from spirit. Everything we did was guided and trusted by our sources. The Mystic Wolf and our own mission work hand in hand. Spreading love, knowledge, ascension and community. We built The Mystic Wolf from love and passion.  Over the years, we have worked with wonderful miners, suppliers and craftsmen. To bring you ethical, high quality and reliable sources of crystals and spiritual products. 

Not only is this about the products we provide. Our work is our life. We began our Journey as Reiki practitioners. Achieving level 1 up to masters. Our pride and joy are to bring spiritual healing and help to the world. Along the way, we qualified as crystal therapists and channelled our own ways and techniques to add to our services.


For the last 2 years, we have been training to become practitioners. Qualified and ready to go! This Journey has been about us healing, together and within. Surrendering to the shadow self, the tears, purging and the pure vibrations of love. This Journey has transformed us into whom we are meant to be as one and as individuals.

We are ready to bring our services to the community! Sometimes we all need a push to surrender to our past. Having our own darkness and traumas, we are here to support our clients by holding a loving, connected space between us, knowing we can assist you through the healing needed. There is no judgement, just love. 




Working with the spirit of all forms is my life and passion. I understand in this life that I have had to face some deep, dark traumas so I can connect to others and support them through their healing journey. Being able to do this work with my partner by my side is a blessing. I am connected as much above as I am below. My purpose on this earth is to bring healing, messages and assist with the ascension of the human race. I am confident in my abilities, compassion and truth. I come with no judgement and see through the dark and light in all.



Being in touch with my shadow self and connecting to the dark energies allows me to pull through the love, compassion and knowledge, to deeply understand why and what must be accomplished for myself and others. By working this way, I can pull in the healing, balance and light through all realms. I work with geometry and frequencies through grid work and coding. Connecting with multi-dimensional beings is my unique touch to healings and receiving the downloads that are required. All my work is guided and intuitive as I work closely with my ancestors, spirit guides and power animals. As an earth keeper, universal warrior, my intention is to help guide, assist and love all beings throughout my journey. My missions are universal. The work that I have been called for earth connects to the ascension and the awakening of humankind.