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Ethical Sourcing

 Are our crystals ethically sourced?

The answer is yes and we want to give you information about what we know.

We purchase all our goods from licensed mines and suppliers to ensure that the crystals being delivered to us and our customers are mined and picked in the safest conditions as possible to each mine and avoiding child labour. It is easy to claim that crystals are ethically sourced but to truly understand how and where each crystal is mined and picked is something we thrive to keep up at The Mystic Wolf. 

Mining can be a dangerous job and depending on which mine is being worked on and where, as each mine can have an affect on the environment. Ethical crystals is not just about fai Are our crystals ethically sourced?r wages it is also taking care of mother earth. There is a few ways which mining happens in the mineral world. 

Artisanal & Small Scale Mining

  • It includes small businesses/individuals who can mine above or underground using technology or manual tools, working all year round. The standards/health and safety vary worldwide. That is why it's our job to ensure child labour and Hazardous nature is excluded from our products and sourcing. This type of mining has lower environmental impact and lower safety risks.

Industrial Mining

  • Largest form of mining owned by larger cooperation's this type of extracting is often used in pits, which can be seen from space. A much larger amount of technology used and where most healing crystals are extracted. Known to treat miners well.

We ensure that we keep up to date with closing mines, floods and environmental damages as this can cause an influx in price to the crystal(s) and mineral due to the lack of source. Everything we purchase we hand select and thrive for high quality.


Our ethical policy also covers lapidary, the polishing factories are just as important as miners, it is important that these factories/work spaces have safe environments and equipment as well as it is important that workers wear eye and respiratory masks some factories hand polish minerals or they are placed in a drum to bulk polish crystals. It is important that equipment and machinery is checked and safe for workers as well as being fairy paid.

The way a crystal is mined does effect the energy and vibration of the crystal as it can absorb any trauma that a child or the miners experiences during extracting. We work very closely with 1-2 professionals in the mineral industry to ensure we know exactly where all crystals are sourced, mined and polished.

Our source is confidential to us as we have worked extremely hard on researching the industry, building strong relationships with trust worthy and genuine suppliers.

Abalone Shells/Herbs/Resins/Wood Sourcing

Not only are our crystals and minerals ethical so are all of our holistic products. All of our holistic products are imported from Mexico. Herbs and smudge sticks are grown/picked and dried in traditional manners and then handmade into our smudge sticks. 

  • Our resins are extracted from plants and trees and then reseeded.

  • Palo Santo wood from seasoned wood collected without having to unnecessarily destroy or damage trees. 

  • Our abalone shells are not poached or caught in the wild. Our supply is sustainable so it does not affect the environment. 

All our shipping stationary is biodegradable, recyclable and plastic free. 

We believe it is important to know what you are buying. Whether its crystals/jewellery or holistic products. If you have any questions regarding our ethical sourcing please contact orders@themysticwolf.com 

Many Blessings 

Chris & Talia  

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