Amazonite Tumble Stone

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Known as the “hope” stone the Amazonite Crystal is an excellent manifestation tool especially when you incorporate its energy into daily meditation practice. To set up the best backdrop for a healing transformation, retreat into a sacred space that has been cleansed and purified with a sage stick. Amazonite Crystal has a power affirmation to help you take on the world with confidence.

Amazonite soothes the chakras and aligns the physical body to the etheric. It is particularly rejuvenating to the Heart and Throat Chakras, enhancing loving communication on all levels. It balances one’s masculine/feminine energies as well as many aspects of the personality. It awakens compassion for others by allowing one to perceive both sides of a problem and accepting differing points of view. 

Amazonite is known for maintaining good health in general. It aids in cell regeneration and healing after illnesses, trauma or injury, and relieves muscle spasms. It may be used in treating disorders of the nervous system and blockages in the flow of neural impulses, as well as issues with the throat and thyroid gland.
Origin: Brazil

Dimensions: 2 - 3cm
Sizes and shapes vary, each sold separately.

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