Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant

Bumble Bee Jasper AAA Grade Pendant #2

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  • Average size: Height 9cm x Length 4cm
  • Weight: 26.7g
  • Metal/Bail: Highest form of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Necklace: All of our pendants are sold with a complimentary silver plated chain and gift box.
  • Hardness: 5
  • Composition: Calcium Carbonate with Sulfur
  • Formula: CaCO3
  • Origin: Indonesia, Mount Papandayan
  • Colour: Yellow / Black / Grey
  • Colours, shapes and sizes vary due to the nature of crystals it may look slightly different than shown in the photograph
  • Each sold separately 
  • This crystal is AAA Grade quality 

Metaphysical Properties

  • Enables you to pick out the best opportunities for yourself and your family
  • Enables you to realise that you are the sole master of your own destiny 
  • Manifestation into reality
  • Much more instinctive
  • Act as a pathway between you and the spiritual realm 
  • Helps you develop as both a human and spiritual being 
  • Aids spiritual wisdom
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Strengthens the core of your spiritual being so that you become much more in-tuned with the divine realm
  • Enable you to have the ideal relationship you have always craved
  • Allows you to start seeing your partner in a new light and you will start focusing on the future rather than trying to live in the past
  • Bring you much closer to your significant other and with nothing holding you back
  • Helps build a solid relationship without lies and deceit

Psychological & Mentally

  • Help you break away from your comfort zone and explore avenues that you previously wouldn’t have and you never know
  • Susceptible to change and new surroundings
  • Aids victim of unusual circumstances then you can use this stone to help rectify all such situations
  • Makes you a team player and it can boost your organisational skills
  • Provide you with the ability to think on your feet and make quick decisions
  • Allows you to make decisions without the fear of making the wrong ones
  • Energies of positivity and healing
  • Assists you to let go of all of your worries and clear your mind
  • Cleanse your mind and soul from the inside out
  • Eliminating all barriers to mental development
  • Help rid you off any negative past traumas that you may not want to face

Physical Healing

  • Strengthen your overall nervous system
  • Improves your sleep cycles
  • Balance
  • Stimulates energy levels
  • Rid you off various different abdominal issues, allergies and circulatory system disorders
  • Helps alleviate cramps and tiredness
  • Recovery from broken bones
  • Help you recover faster after an accident
  • Heal your throat and reproductive organs if they have been affected somehow

Where and how to use:

  • Is a very vibrant stone that is very good for the soul if kept in close proximity to your body
  • It is important that you take a few minutes out every morning to spend alone time with the stone and your thoughts
  • Hold the stone in your hand and think about every aspect of your life that needs to be changed - bumble bee will offer the guidance
  • Meditation


 Originating only inside the volcanoes of Australia and Indonesia, the Bumble Bee Jasper is a very unique and hard to find. 


Disclaimer: all of our crystals are ethically sourced, they are fully cleansed with white sage, we infuse them with reiki and they are played over powerful and high vibrational mantras before dispatch. Please note that all crystals, minerals, rock and fossils are a natural product from mother earth and are rarely perfect, this means that we try to capture as many angles on our products as possible.

Why choose us?


We supply a large variety of Ethically sourced crystals & holistic products ranging from A-AAA Quality. As Shamans we have so much love and respect for mother earth and her beauty. So we ensure all of our crystals and herbs are cared with love and positive energy on the journey from her to you.

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