Chiastolite AAA Grade Pendant #2

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The name Chiastolite is derived from the Greek word ‘chiastos’, which means cruciform, cross marked or crosswise. Also known as the Cross Stone.

Chiastolite is a highly protective stone. It is a very good stone because of its psychic resistance. It will protect you from negative energies and it will help prevent your energies from getting drained. It will act like a protective shield around you making you feel safe and secure. You will have reserves of strength even on the busiest days and you will still have plenty of energy left to spend on yourself or with your loved ones.

Chiastolite will help you channel your abilities when communicating with the spirit world and is also an excellent stone to use during meditation because it will help you focus on the energies surrounding you. It will also allow you to see memories of your past lives. Chiastolite will bestow strength, perseverance and power to whoever wears it. It will also make you feel calm and collected amidst the turmoil that you are facing.

If you like to travel, this is a good stone to have because Chiastolite is also a travelers stone. It will protect you when you are traveling and it will protect you from the negative energies that you attract when you are in a foreign land.

Highest form of 925 Sterling Silver 

Dimensions: Height 4.5cm x Length 2.5cm 

Weight : 12.4 g