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Cinnabrite Tumblestone

Cinabrite Tumblestone

Cinnabrite Tumblestone

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  • Average size: 2-3cm
  • Hardness: 5-6
  • Composition: Sulfate
  • Formula: (Ca2)Si2O7)(SiO4)O(OH)
  • Origin: Peru
  • Colour: White with pink spots
  • Colours, shapes and sizes vary due to the nature of crystals it may look slightly different than shown in the photograph
  • Each sold separately  

Metaphysical Properties

  • Associated with the Archangel Michael
  • Allows spiritual manifestation
  • Beneficial crystal tool for the realm of business and finance
  • Actualises dreams and create prosperity
  • Perfect stone for support during periods of mercury retrograde, as it helps to remove obstacles and facilitates gain
  • Excellent blockage removal
  • Stimulates the third eye chakra
  • Encouraging the soul to raise its vibration
  • Alchemy

Psychological & Mentally

  • Stimulates vitality and power
  • Facilitating self-confidence
  • Supports mental agility, quick thinking and brilliant ideas. 

Physical Healing

  • Helps the blood
  • Aids female reproductive organs
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Treats viral or bacterial systemic infections
  • Offers strength and flexibility to the physical body
  • Healing support during HIV treatments, herpes, staph, strep and fungal infections
  • Useful in the healing of skin particularly with warts, lesions and boils.


  • Earth star
  • Root
  • Sacral chakras

Where and how to use:

  • Place near financial areas to attract abundance or cash box
  • Place this stone in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, placed in rice, or buried in the earth overnight
  • Note: This stone contains mercury and can be toxic


Cinabrite was introduced to the commercial market in 2012 and so has only recently begun to reveal its powers to the larger metaphysical community. It was not included in any early lapidaries, texts that describe gemstones and their powers.


Disclaimer: all of our crystals are ethically sourced, they are fully cleansed with white sage, we infuse them with reiki and they are played over powerful and high vibrational mantras before dispatch. Please note that all crystals, minerals, rock and fossils are a natural product from mother earth and are rarely perfect, this means that we try to capture as many angles on our products as possible.

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