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Citron Chrysoprase Tumble Stone

Citron Chrysoprase Tumble Stone

Citron Chrysoprase Tumble Stone

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  • Average size: 2-3cm
  • Hardness: 7
  • Composition: Silicon Dioxide
  • Formula: SIO2
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Colour: Bright Yellow-green
  • Colours, shapes and sizes vary, due to the nature of crystals they may look slightly different than what is shown in the photograph
  • Each sold separately

Metaphysical Properties

  • Deepens meditative state
  • Attunes to the devic realm
  • Healers inner child
  • Brings universal energy into the body

Psychological & Mentally

  • Promotes love and truth 
  • Promotes hope and personal insights 
  • Draws out talents and creativity 
  • Encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships
  • Calming
  • Overcome impulsive and compulsive thoughts 
  • Turns attention to positive events 
  • Prevents speaking out with anger 
  • Prevents nightmares
  • Brings sense of security and trust
  • Forgiveness and compassion
  • Assists current mental health 
  • Releasing childhood emotional blocks 

Physical Healing

  • Period Pains
  • Gout
  • Eye problems 
  • Guards against sexual transmitted infections 
  • Fertility
  • Infertility caused by infections
  • Strong detox against metals in the body
  • Soothes digestive system


  • Heart
  • Sacral

Where and How to use:

  • Wear for long periods of time to access the devic realm
  • Elixir calms stomach problems caused by stress


Chrysoprase used to be referred to as “the stone of Venus,” and was often used by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to make seals, signets, jewellery and other ornamental objects because of its beautiful, vivid green colour. It is said to have been the favourite gemstone of Alexander the Great.


Disclaimerall of our crystals are ethically sourced, they are fully cleansed with white sage, we infuse them with reiki and they are played over powerful and high vibrational mantras before dispatch. Please note that all crystals, minerals, rock and fossils are a natural product from mother earth and are rarely perfect, this means that we try to capture as many angles on our products as possible.

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