Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant
Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant

Dragon Blood Jasper AAA Grade Pendant #2

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  • Average size: Height 5.5cm x Length 3cm
  • Average Weight: 14.9g
  • Metal/Bail: Highest form of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Necklace: All of our pendants are sold with a complimentary silver plated chain and gift box
  • Hardness: 6.5-7
  • Composition: Silicon
  • Formula: SiO2
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Colour: Brown, Red, Green (from the hematite veins)
  • Sold as seen
Metaphysical Attributes
  • Stimulates kundalini rise
  • Activating all chakras
  • Assists during earth healing
  • Helps past life healing
  • Grounding
  • Enhances spiritual growth
  • Spiritual self healing
  • Bringing order out of chaos
  • Buried or repressed emotions
  • Enhances reproduction
  • Puts meridians back on line
  • Energy blockages within the liver and gallbladder
  • Thyroid chakra
  • Transmutes the solar plexus dis-ease/energy blockages
  • All chakras
  • Place on minor chakras located in the knees

    The word "jasper" is derived from the Greek word iaspi meaning "spotted stone," related to the Hebrew jashpeh and the ancient Assyrian word ashpu. Jaspers were worn by Egyptian priests in amulets covered with inscriptions from their Book of the Dead and wrapped up with mummies for protection in the afterlife. The Minoans of Crete carved seals for the palace of Knossos of jasper. Jasper was the 12th stone in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest, and is said to be the foundation stone of New Jerusalem. Some Native American tribes used jasper to dowse for water and to call rain.


    All of our crystals are ethically sourced and display the correct information about authenticity, enhanced, dyed or man-made. The information on this website is for guidance only. No medical claims are made for the crystals or incense and the information given is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment. If in any doubt about their use, a qualified crystal healing or holistic practitioner should be consulted. In the context of this website, illness is a dis-ease, the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, psychological, karmic, emotional or mental imbalance or distress. Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back into balance and facilitating evolution for the soul, it does not imply a cure. In accordance with crystal healing consensus, all stones are referred to as crystals regardless of whether or not they have a crystalline structure.

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