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The Mystic Wolf House Cleansing provides a traditional service to clear your property from any unwanted or negative energies, attachments or entities. This is also suitable for anyone who has moved into their new home and would like a fresh clean start to ensure their space is filled with a positive, relaxing and protective energy. 

What this entails:

  • Usui symbols will be placed around your property by our Reiki Master Practitioners for protection, healing and positive energy. 
  • Tibetan Bells to banish unwanted energy.
  • A traditional house cleansing with sage and palo santo as well as a cleansing for the residence of the property to ensure no unwanted energy remains.
  • Our traditional dispelling, protection and cleansing spray will be used in your home as well as your outside surroundings. 
  • A free guided demonstration on how to maintain a cleansing ritual in your home as well as a free sage bundle to get you started. 

We also have an upgraded bundle package which includes all of the above plus:

  • Our Reiki Infused Packs that include protection, positive energy, healing and calming crystals.
  • A traditional dispelling, protection and cleansing spray, handmade by The Mystic Wolf for you to keep.
  • A box of cleansing incense with holder. 
  • Salt candle and T-light to purify the air and surrounding space.

Please contact us for area postcodes that we cover.

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Customer Reviews

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