Hypersthene AAA Grade Pendant #1

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Hypersthene stones embody a useful energy that may help to boost psychic gifts and may especially aid you with opening up clairaudience and clairvoyance also known as psychic visions.

They are known as magical stones and this may partly be because their vibration can help you to find solutions to problems quite quickly. 

Use them while considering what you desire in your life, to aid you to strengthen your ability to manifest your intentions.

They also have excellent attributes for assisting healing and have metaphysical properties that make it advantageous to use them in meditation. Their energy may soothe you if you feel stressed or anxious or if you are tired and need to relax.

It is advantageous to meditate with one of these stones while you concentrate on a issue that you need an answer regarding. You might find that the solution comes into your mind soon after you have finished meditating, if you relax and allow it to happen. Hypersthene crystals are well known for their action to assist you to receive messages from Spirit.  They resonate well within the higher spiritual chakras. 

Highest form of 925 Sterling Silver 

Dimensions: Height 7cm x Length 3.8cm 

Weight: 44.2g