Lava Chakra Beaded Bracelet 8mm

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Our gorgeous high quality Lava Stone beaded bracelet. This is the perfect bracelet to work on your whole aura field. Each stone on this bracelet resonates with the seven main chakras.

Red Tiger Eye (Root), Carnelian (Sacral), Yellow Calcite (Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Sodalite (Throat Chakra), Amethyst (Third Eye) and Clear Quartz (Crown Chaka). 


Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens ones connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone which is very useful in dissipating anger.

Red Tiger Eye

Red Tiger Eye energy is used around the base chakra (Root). It enhances self confidence and self-esteem. Red tiger eye is a great stone for raising your vibration and giving you motivation. 


Carnelian is a fantastic stone for the sacral chakra. Its healing vibrations help the energy that sits within our centre such as anxieties, depression, negativity, stress and the feeling of being timid. It is a great unblocking stone and helps unleash your creativity side. 

Yellow Calcite 

Yellow calcite is a great stone for the solar plexus chakra. Intuition resonates with our solar plexus, which is something we should use on a daily basis. Sometimes we forget that our instincts are correct so by using some yellow calcite this shall clear out old, negative and unwanted energies from our solar plexus. It is also a stone that helps our memory, learning and studying skills but also has wonderful healing properties for joints, eye sight and viruses. 

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is a great stone that works well with the heart chakra but also the solar plexus. Releasing negative emotions, but also making sure they don’t sit with our Centre. Green Aventurine is an extremely calming stone bringing peace and tranquility. 


Sodalite resonates with our throat chakra. It is great to release staggered energy from this area as sometimes we all may feel we can’t express ourselves in every single situation. Sodalite helps us release what we are holding in and reveals the hidden truth. Keeping your throat chakra unblocked with sodalite helps prevent any throat issues, thyroids and gland inflammation. 


Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone. As its wonderful healing and protection properties are well known. It also resonates with the third eye chakra, stimulating meditation, spiritual growth and connections to our guides. Amethyst is a great stone to use when working with spirit as it protects us when one is connecting with higher energy. Use Amethyst when you are feeling anxious, depressed or negative. Amethyst makes a great stone for those who suffer insomnia, cancer and terminal illness. 

Clear Quartz

The Final chakra is the crown chakra, which clear quartz resonates with. Our “higher consciousness” one of the most powerful stones to use when connecting to our higher selves, guides, angels, loved ones and much more. Clear Quartz is a master healing stone, this stone is perfect when needing all over healing (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional healing). 

Bead Size: 8mm. 


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