Muladhara Chakra 1 Candle

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Candles can be burnt to create a special ambience at any time, though their soft light is particularly conducive for romantic occasions. Candles are widely used for spiritual and magical work. Ritualistic candle burning aids concentration on a specific magical intent. As you focus on the flame visualize your intentions being consumed and transformed into ethereal thought forms. Energy follows thought. To turn your dreams, wishes and visualisations into realities, follow thought with action, charged with the cosmic energy of the sacred fire. 

Enhance your meditation with this gorgeous essential oil based candle. Oils are related to the base chakra.

Aromatic Stearine Candle - 1 Chakra (Muladhara)
Material: 100% stearin, natural essential oils,
3% Essential Oils: Cassia, Cloves, Nutmeg.

Dimensions: 4.5x4 cm 

Burns 16-18 hours. 

Weight: 58g

Keep the burning candle out of reach of children and animals and never unattended. Place candle on a heat-resistant base. Do not place the candle near curtains or open windows.