One Hour of Tarot, Palmistry & Crystal Ball

£35.00 GBP

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Our one hour combo of Tarot Cards, Palm Reading and Crystal Ball.

What is involved:
Tarot is a deck of cards that once we consult get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life. It is like holding up a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind and tap into the wisdom (and answers) that lives in us all.

Just by reading the palm of a person a palmist can predict everything about that person, past, present and future. This is possible because the slightest happening of our entire life is imprinted on our palms. Even the thinnest line found on our palm is of significance. Palmistry has contributed a good deal to the science of medicines. It is a branch of astrology which can make authentic predictions even without the knowledge of the exact birth time of a person.

Crystal balls have been used for at least four thousand years for divination. The art of gaining information for looking into crystal is called “scrying.” Most people associate a gypsy reading crystal ball as a symbol of mystical power.  A Psychic may see different images in his or her brain whilst in a light trance. These images can be concrete pictures, symbols or vague impressions. What these images convey are information about situations you are facing and guidance of how to resolve your problems.