Opalite Tumble Stone

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Opalite is a soft, subtle, and dynamic stone. It’s an iridescent man-made glass resin which is made up of Dolomite and metal to create an opalescent appearance.

Natural Opalite is a stone that comes from opalized volcanic ash. This rarely happens, but when it does, it can usually be found in areas in Africa and Brazil.

Opalite will balance your yin-yang energies and align them with your higher self. This will stabilize your mood swings and remove any blockages in your chakras and energy meridians.

This will also keep a healthy balance in your male and female energies, in your light and dark aspects, in your active and passive emotions, and in your daytime and nighttime energies. It’s a wonderful stone for healing your emotions. It will clear what troubles you have in your heart, and it will create a sense of peace in your life.

It will also help you resolve your hurts from your old wounds by letting go of the painful memories. It will be replaced by compassion, kindness, and gentleness. Opalite is a helpful stone to use in past life regressions. Its nurturing vibrations will ground light in your aura while helping you identify unwanted emotional issues.

Opalite is highly used for nightmares and healing during sleep time. Easing and calming your dream state whilst protecting your aura field from these night terrors.

Average Dimensions 2 - 3cm

Sizes and shapes vary and they are sold individually

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