Quantum Quattro Tumble Stone

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Quantum Quattro is a rare crystal that comes from Namibia. It is composed of five powerful, copper based minerals Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz, and Malachite. These minerals alone are powerful , but combined these crystals pack one powerful, vibrational healing punch. It's blue green rays radiate healing energy that align all of your chakras. It surrounds your aura and body with emotional and physical, protective vibrations. 

Is primarily a Throat Chakra stone, but also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, making it a great stone for spiritual based communication. It balances the body and helps to release stuck energy from past life trauma. Shattuckite vibrates at a very high frequency making it a great tool for attracting and connecting with pure spirits and guides, and developing psychic ability.

Is also primarily a Throat Chakra stone, but it also resonates with the Heart Chakra. It teaches us to express power through gentleness. It is a stone for strengthening emotional bonds, and encourages forgiveness and compassion. Chrysocolla increases the capacity to love, eases emotional heartache, and provides strength and balance. It releases stress, anxiety and and feelings of guilt, grief and depression. Physically, Chrysocolla helps with regulating the Thyroid and adrenal glands. It is also excellent for high blood pressure, high sugar levels, sore throats and laryngitis.

Smoky Quartz
Is a Root Chakra stone making it a crystal for security and sense of your own power. It assists in grounding wishes into reality, and brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Smokey Quartz is great for elevating moods and relieving feelings of stress, sadness and depression. It helps with grounding negative emotions such as fear, jealousy and anger. Smokey Quartz offers protection from negative energy from others and your surroundings. Physically, Smokey Quartz helps to heal the lower body, abdomen and legs. It assists the kidneys in toxin removal, and aids in the treatment of radiation sickness and the after effects of chemotherapy.

Is a Heart chakra stone that helps with the realization of the abundance in your present life . It helps you to have gratitude and live in the present moment. Dioptase helps with releasing the past and past life karma that have been holding you back from living a full life. Dioptase will clear your aura of any negative emotions you have been feeling and helps you to have forgiveness and compassion for others.

Is a Heart Chakra stone that assists in transformation and changing situations that provide spiritual growth. It helps with releasing old habits, traumas and thought patterns. Malachite is a deeply healing crystal that stimulates life force throughout the aura of the body. It helps with stress, anxiety and depression. Malachite is a great stone fo finding love and promoting a rebirth in relationships. Use malachite when you feel like you need some luck.

 Origin: Namibia 

Average Dimensions: 2 - 3 cm

Shapes and sizes vary, each sold separately.

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