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Que Sera (Llanite) Tumble Stone AA Quality

Que Sera Tumble Stone AA Quality

Que Sera (Llanite) Tumble Stone AA Quality



  • Average size: 2-3cm
  • Hardness: 7
  • Composition: Silicate
  • Formula: SIO2
  • Origin: Brazil 
  • Colour: Brown and blue 
  • Colours, shapes and sizes vary due to the nature of crystals it may look slightly different than shown in the photograph
  • Each sold separately 

Metaphysical Properties

  • Draws in dynamic life forces
  • Manifestation
  • Clairaudient Abilities
  • Psychic Communication
  • Meditation
  • Empowers spirit
  • Psychic Development
  • Helps healers receive messages from spirit
  • Connects to beings in higher dimensional planes
  • Aids telepathic communication

Psychological & Mentally

  • Help relieve stress
  • Aids feeling apprehensive, including fears and phobias
  • Assists you to understand your emotions 
  • Brings feelings to light
  • Uplifting those who feel sorry for themselves, isolated or lonely
  • Used to dispel truancy in a respectful way
  • Teaches you that it is ok to take risks in life
  • Soothes and alleviates rage 
  • Lessens panic disorders and depression
  • Urges you to become a co-creator of your future
  • Revert old habits that you have outgrown
  • Brightens mood
  • Promotes individuality

Physical Healing

  • Aids the healing of health tissue on a deeper cellular level
  • Treats Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
  • Diabetes and blood Disorders
  • Aids protection from electromagnetic energy given off by computers


  • All
  • Soul star chakra

Where and how to use:

  • Place on the third eye to develop clairvoyance and telepathy
  • Place on the throat to develop clairaudience 
  • Place on electronic devices to block EMF 


Melody, the author of Love is In The Earth, a crystal book named the crystal Que Sera. The Q is for the quartz in the crystal, and the UE for Undulatory Extinction which is the way light shines on this crystal. Also for the Doris Day song, Que Sera Sera because it relates to the energy of the crystal.


Disclaimer: all of our crystals are ethically sourced, they are fully cleansed with white sage, we infuse them with reiki and they are played over powerful and high vibrational mantras before dispatch. Please note that all crystals, minerals, rock and fossils are a natural product from mother earth and are rarely perfect, this means that we try to capture as many angles on our products as possible.



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