Ruby Matrix Tumble Stone

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The meaning of the name of this stone comes from the Latin word for 'red'. Deposits of this lovely red gemstone have been found in Kenya, Burma, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Madagascar, Mexico and the USA.

Ruby gemstones are effective psychic protection stones and are excellent assets to help you to defend yourself against psychic attack from negative entities. 
They are powerful healing crystals for you to use as their vibration acts as a barrier against those who want to steal your energy. If you wish to increase your ability to dream and in particular wish to experience lucid dreams, put a piece of Ruby under the pillow.

As you use it you will discover how to use these crystals to overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new love. They energize and balance the body and will enhance your motivation, and it will encourage you to set practical goals. This stone will connect you to the base chakra, then through to the earth star chakra to allow excess high vibration spiritual energy to be released into the earth. The color of these gemstones are close to the color of blood and are known to be a valuable stone to aid the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood. 

Origin: USA, Mexico and Madagascar

Average Dimensions: 2 - 3cm

Shapes and sizes vary, each sold separately.