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Blue Sage & Pinon Pine Resin Large Smudge Stick

Sage & Pinon Pine Resin Large Smudge Stick

Blue Sage & Pinon Pine Resin Large Smudge Stick

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  • Average Size: 7" 10
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Parts used: White sage and Pinon Pine
  • Scent: Strong
  • Colours, shapes and sizes vary due to the nature of this item it may look slightly different than the photograph
  • Each sold separately


  • Blue sage- Cleansing, removes negative entities and can use to perform an exorcism, banishes, offers spiritual strength
  • Pinon Pine - Healing, balance, cleanses energy, enhances meditation, fertility and compassion


Smudging is a ceremony practiced by various cultures around the world. This ceremony involves the burning of a smudge stick, which is a bundle of dried herbs, most commonly white sage. The smudging employed by New Age movements is based on a Native American practice known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, with smudging being its common name.

How to use:

  • Prepare to use your smudge stick by simply lighting your smudge stick with matches or a lighter. Open windows to prepare the energy release
  • Smoke will start to rise, blow out the fire and then use this lit smudge stick to begin your smudging session around the room, corners and objects, you may also use a bird of prey feather to represent air and blow the smoke in the direction your aiming for
  • With intent bring in positive vibes and release any negativity that may be lurking around
  • Once you have finished, you may leave this to burn out in a safe dish or abalone shell to stop the smoke, you need to dap the smudge stick into the salt/sand. Close the window to seal the new and fresh vibe.
  • Note: you may also want to use the abalone as a tool to catch the herbs or ash whilst you are using smudge sticks.

Disclaimer: all of our holistic products are harvested in traditional manners.Please note that all crystals, minerals, rock and fossils are a natural product from mother earth and are rarely perfect, this means that we try to capture as many angles on our products as possible.

Healing Disclaimer

The information on this website is for guidance only. No medical claims are made for the crystals or incense and the information given is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment. If in any doubt about their use, a qualified crystal healing or holistic practitioner should be consulted. In the context of this website, illness is a dis-ease, the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, psychological, karmic, emotional or mental imbalance or distress. Healing means bringing mind, body and spirit back into balance and facilitating evolution for the soul, it does not imply a cure. In accordance with crystal healing consensus, all stones are referred to as crystals regardless of whether or not they have a crystalline structure.

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