Teal Agate Lamp

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The Agate stone has been known for more than 5000 years by Phoenicians, Assyrians and  Sumerians who would cut it to make ornamental pieces.

In the antique Egypt, a few amulets in the shape of sacred scarabs were cut from Agate stones. They probably thought that this stone would bring strength and longevity.

In Africa, Agate was often used in fecundity rituals to have healthy and strong descendants and an important sexual life.

Middle East civilizations would particularly look for Agate which patterns would be in the shape of an eye. They were meant to protect against negative effects and injuries. They were often offered to gods to have good harvest.

Agate is a comfort stone beneficial in overcoming depression and strengthening during a grieving process. It helps alleviate obsessive thoughts, destructive mental patterns and assists in overcoming fears such as agoraphobia and panic attacks in crowded places. Agate is excellent for those serious about giving up smoking.

Known to bring an overall sense of balance to all chakras. Agate stones have a smooth energy that washes over the aura and mutes tensions across the field to promote harmony throughout all chakras.

An agate mantra is to be used when feeling unbalanced or overstimulated. You can say “With ease of mind, I welcome peace and balance into my life” while holding two agate tumble stones in each hand as you meditate. Repeating this mantra during agate meditation will not effect immediate change but will aid in the process of change and lend the endurance and strength you need to see your intentions through. 

Origin: Brazil 

Dimensions: Weight: 1.823kg 

Height: 17cm x Length: 14cm x Width 9.8cm. 

Base: Wooden 

This product includes a 15W bulb and plug with lead.