Blue Howlite Tumble Stone Bracelet

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This stone has many healing properties. Besides being an effective cure for insomnia Blue Howlite also helps children grow confidence and shed their timidity. It also makes the environment peaceful and thus promotes better living conditions. It is considered to be good for bones, neck, spine and teeth. 

Blue Howlite will help you improve your health and stamina and provides you with all the energy to complete all your tasks and achieve your goals. It brings blessings to your home and makes it endowed with peace. It will help you ease the tension of competition and allows you to enjoy life at its own pace.

Blue Howlite is a very special stone which has many uses. It helps you become less critical of life and enjoy its blessings. It helps you become selfless and makes you patient. It keeps you on track with your ambition and helps you achieve them.

It also helps inducing sound sleep, especially the sleep issues because of overthinking. Those suffering from insomnia, place it under your pillow while sleeping at night. Blue Howlite is said to aid the throat chakra. It helps in remembering and recalling dreams, and also interpreting them. It can also assist in astral traveling during sleep.

Howlite is a reminder to drink plenty of water for optimal health. It can signal that you need to sit in a bath and soak away your worries, toxins and stress. This stone is aligned with the breasts, breast milk and nursing babies. The Divine brings the healing value of nurturing to the forefront of any physical ailment.

Origin: LA, USA.

Shapes and sizes vary.